Eilidh Campbell and Andy Webster’s musical journey began in the vibrant setting of 1990s Glasgow, Scotland, where their paths intertwined while pursuing music studies. Their friendship and shared passion for traditional music blossomed, leading them down a collaborative path that has now spanned decades. Through extensive tours and collaborative recordings, their talents converged with highlights such as being finalists in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award.

Their musical odyssey took an unexpected turn when both Eilidh and Andy found themselves residing not far from one another in the scenic landscapes of Nova Scotia, Canada. This geographical shift further enriched their musical partnership, providing a new backdrop for their creative endeavors while maintaining strong ties to their Scottish roots.

Eilidh Campbell

Fiddle, Viola

Andy Webster

Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals

With a wealth of over 20 years’ worth of shared musical history, Eilidh and Andy’s performances reflect a tapestry woven from their Scottish heritage. Their repertoire seamlessly intertwines traditional tunes and songs with a plethora of original compositions meticulously crafted into enchanting arrangements.

What sets this duo apart is their ability to blend nostalgia for their homeland with a profound affection for their newfound Canadian abode. Eilidh’s virtuoso fiddling harmonizes effortlessly with Andy’s rhythmic and dynamic guitar and bouzouki playing, resulting in a captivating synergy. Beyond their musical synergy, their performances exude an ineffable charm, fueled by the warmth and camaraderie shared between two longtime friends.

Witnessing Eilidh and Andy onstage is not merely a musical experience but a journey interwoven with sentiments of longing, love, and the joy of shared laughter. Their performances encapsulate a harmonious fusion of cultural heritage and newfound home, offering audiences an unforgettable and emotive musical expedition.